Special Services

As well as our Sunday and midweek services, we offer special services throughout the year that address needs.

Healing Services

As well as making prayer for healing available after our regular services we have a Healing Service around 4 times a year, usually on the evening of the 5th Sunday of the month. Open to everybody and there will be the opportunity for those who would like it to be prayed for. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual illness can be prayed for in the name of Jesus. Others may simply wish to come to the service and enjoy the healing presence of God.

In the Bible Jesus clearly says that the prime tasks of his followers are to proclaim the coming of his kingdom, to heal the sick, and to set people free from torment.

Are we promising healing to everyone who comes? No, we are not! Healing has the element of mystery about it. We do not see everyone healed and we don’t know why that is. To make guarantees is to unfairly raise people’s hopes and that makes the disappointments we experience harder to bear. All we promise is that we will pray if requested.

It would be very weird if we did not recount examples where people were healed. The will usually be stories of healings recounted at each Healing Service. In recent years we have seen cancerous tumours disappear, crutches no longer needed, hearing restored and many aches and pains go plus inner peace experienced. We always encourage people to ask a doctor to confirm any change in their condition. If people request it we will also anoint them with oil for healing.

So, we don’t understand it all but we are supposed to do it, so we will. The atmosphere is worshipful, relaxed and accepting.

For details of our next healing service, go to the Calendar.

Annual Memorial Service

Open to all and usually on the first Sunday in November at 3.30pm in St Agnes Church. This is a service for families and friends of those who have died in the past year or at any time in the past who wish to remember their loved ones at a special service. There is an opportunity for names to be read out and for a candle to be lit in memory. Together we are able to experience God’s comfort and the hope that Jesus promises through his resurrection.