The Parish of St Agnes with St Paul and St Barnabas


Following prophetic words given as God's original design for our parish and the individual congregations the leadership, Church Council and the people in the congregations weighed these over a period of several months and have committed themselves to pursuing them, whilst remaining open to God to show us if we are "barking up the wrong tree"

The Prophecies

Prophetic words about God’s “original design” for our Parish, given by 2 American associate pastors from New Song (Church) at Tacoma, Washington State, in May 2007


The 3 churches have different attributes but if you put them together as one Church they encompass everything.

St Agnes

 · Church of evangelism, reach out to community and significant impact. Specifically that those who don’t know the Lord would get saved.

· Created to be joyful and light….a non-believer could come in and be struck by the atmosphere.

· Created to be a place that those that are really selfish would not fit in real well. It is not about them becoming spiritually fat. It is uncomfortable for the religious person.

· Place of encouragement and blessing, the core would be marked by blessing one another.

· Created as a blessing to the community and other churches around them.

St Barnabas

· Training centre. someone could go to St Agnes and get saved, they would come to St Barnabas to get trained, discipled, equipped.

· Passion for holiness and revival….a new person would come in and feel the intensity for the Lord.

· Strong cementing of the Bible, much Bible teaching like expository preaching but with passion and fire.

· Giving church, financially support and bless those around it.

St Paul’s 

· Eyes on the world, missions and sending out place. Internationally or locally. Almost a revolving door. Not so much like a church but a sending place. Really unique from the other two.

· Other churches look at this church and think this church is crazy because they live in great faith and on the edge.

· Prayer and intercession.

· Hearing from the Lord and obeying it. It does not need as much structure. You never knew what was going to happen.

      You followed the Spirit.