Church/Hall Hire

All our halls and churches are available for hire at attractive rates from £15.00 per hour, either for a one-off event or a regular booking. Chairs and foldable tables are included, and use of the venue’s kitchen. All four of our sites have off-street parking.

Please note we cannot accept bookings for non-Christian religious events.

You can check where each of our venues is located on the Contact us page.

To book one of our venues, please follow the steps below.

1. Choose your venue

Find out more about our venues, including usual hourly rates and capacity. For a regular booking, a discount may be available. Details of all our rates can be found in the Church / Hall Hire Rates document.

St Agnes Church & Hall

Usual hourly rate: St Agnes Church Hall = £22; St Agnes Church = £25
Capacity: St Agnes Church Hall = 80; St Agnes Church = 150

St Barnabas Church & Hall

Usual hourly rate: St Barnabas Church Hall = £17;
St Barnabas Church = £20
Capacity: St Barnabas Church Hall = 80; St Barnabas Church = 120

St Paul’s Church Hall

Usual hourly rate: St Paul’s Church Hall = £17
Capacity: St Paul’s Church Hall = 60

Whitley Wood Community Centre

Usual hourly rate: £15
Capacity: 60

2. Check availability

Select the calendar for the venue you would like to book. Please allow time for setting up at the start and clearing away at the end.

3. Contact the venue’s booking officer to book the venue or make an enquiry

4. Complete a booking form (or request from booking officer):

Single Event Hall Booking Form

Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions.

Important note

All those booking our venues must have seen the guides below and sign that they have done so.

These guides form part of our safeguarding materials, not only applicable to those working with children but also to those working with vulnerable adults.