Who We Are

We are a Church of England parish with a big patch in South Reading comprising much of Whitley, Whitley Wood and Shinfield Rise. Around 20,000 people live here and at least another 7,000 work here. They may not all recognise or know us but we feel called by God to share in his spiritual and pastoral care for every one of them!

We are part of a movement of followers of Jesus who desire to be transformed and to be used by God to bring transformation to this community of South Reading and beyond. We are not alone; there are lots of other great churches doing very similar things for local people.

We have three church buildings, which are used for worship and serving the local community. Each church has a distinct ethos and congregation but we operate as one organisation and family.

St Agnes Church

St Agnes Church is on Northumberland Avenue and is the biggest of the three Church buildings. Sunday services starts at 10.00am and the style of worship is informal, charismatic and family-orientated. There is a Sunday School and the first Sunday of the month is an all age celebration.

St Paul’s Church

St Paul’s Church is on Whitley Wood Lane and is the smallest of the three. We meet in St Paul’s Church Hall. Sunday services start at 6.00pm and the style of worship is informal, intimate and spirit led. During the week, the Play Barn is open as a drop-in venue for parents and toddlers.

St Barnabas Church

St Barnabas Church is on Elm Road and is the mid-sized building. Sunday services start at 9.30am and the style of worship is more formal, friendly and traditional. On the third Sunday of the month at 4.00pm there is Messy Church in St Barnabas Church Hall, which is very informal and aimed for those with younger families.

Visit Services to find out more about what happens on Sundays and during the week. You can find details of all our services and events in the Calendar.

Contact us has the contact details for the parish office, or go to Meet the team if you know who to contact.